9 AJM: 2 Year Integrated Program for Advanced Preparation of Medical, JEE, NDA, CLAT along with Junior Olympiads

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Course Fee (For 2024-25 Session) INR 92000

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The AJM (Advanced JEE and Medical) program is primarily designed solely for students who are aiming to attain a high rank in the relevant competitive examinations. An extremely smart and gifted student can achieve the goal of attaining a top rank in competitive examination with the help of focused preparation in only class 11th and 12th. However, for an otherwise bright but not outrightly gifted student, just 2 years preparation may not be enough to score top ranks in competitive exams such as NEET and JEE. But the same student, if supported by systematic preparation from early years in school, can almost achieve a similar level of success in competitive exams.

The primary goal of the foundation courses is to provide students an effortless development from school and board exams level to competitive level of study and preparation with optimal speed. The Entire module is properly structured and extremely detail oriented by taking care of the smallest level of details and leaving no scope for uncertainty.

The course is divided into two years, each consisting of three phases:

Phase 1: Learning Advanced Curriculum

In this phase, the advanced curriculum relevant to olympiads as well as higher level thinking concepts are taught by faculties who are expert in training students for JEE, Medical Entrance Exams, NDA, CLAT and Olympiads. Special attention is given to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. The advanced study material developed by Matrix encompasses detailed theory, insights on the concepts and practice questions for both basic level as well as challenger exercises for Olympiad level.

Phase 2: Rigorous Practice

All the learning is supplemented with adequate practice and frequent testing. Concept wise tests are conducted to evaluate the learning of the students. The analysis provided after the tests is unmatchable and helps students identify their weak spots and remedy them, as well improve their performance. Multiple avenues for clearing students’ doubts are also provided to students. Test series for Specific exams like NTSE, NSEJS, PRMO etc are run throughout the session till the actual olympiads. Workshops are also organized for students selected in the first level to help them prepare for the next stages of all national and international olympiads.

Phase 3: Final Preparation for Olympiads and Board Exams

The whole syllabus once taught, is revised as per a proper plan. Leading upto olympiads and school examinations, several major tests full syllabus tests are conducted, which help students revise the whole syllabus in a systematic manner. The performance of students is measured, monitored and discussed with students to help them improve their standing in a competitive environment.

  • Expert and qualified team of experienced faculties with proven track record in JEE, Medical Entrance, NDA, CLAT and Olympiads.
  • Detailed study material, with all the important concepts and lots of practice problems both basic and challenging problems.
  • Special importance to Mental Ability (Logical Reasoning) useful for competitive examinations not just for school, but also for several career exams.
  • English Proficiency support - High quality set of English questions for several Junior Olympiads
  • Rigorous preparation with multiple times revision of X board examination.
  • MATLAB Online Support, including Mobile App and Matrix Lab Facility - Access to library of video lectures from top MATRIX faculties for doubt clearance, missed-out lectures and/or repeating lectures.
  • Pre-RMO Question bank - A collection of exclusive questions for HBCSE Olympiads aspirants.
  • By the time of finishing this course, a student is way ahead of his peers and ready to face the intense competitive environment for Engineering and Medical entrance examinations like JEE, NEET etc.
Access to MATRIX online testing platform

All Matrix classroom students also have access to award winning Online testing platform by MATRIX which helps students improve their exam performance by up to 50%!

Course Inclusion: Matrix Online Testing System

Advanced performance improvement analysis

Matrix offers patented award winning analysis once your test is completed. These analysis clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve your score by up to 50% in one year. Matrix test series offers 25+ different analysis at overall, subject and question level. Watch this for details

Feeling of real Exam

Matrix tests have a mix of questions of varying difficulty levels as per the actual exams. The papers help you solve an extensive variety of questions very similar to actual questions asked in recent exams, and hence are best suited to prepare you for the upcoming exams in the best possible way!

Prepared by the best in the market

Matrix test series is a result of cumulative hard work of more than 150+ highly experienced faculty members from top IITs, IIMs and other prestigious institutes who have been working tirelessly to ensure that the questions are error-free and match the latest exam patterns.

Benchmarking with the best

Matrix is one of the very few Test Series in the markets which are taken by students across the length and breadth of the country. Being a part of this, you get an opportunity to benchmark your preparation with the best talent and students of the country.

Course Inclusion: Matrix's award winning performance improvement system

Award winning analytics for performance improvement

Not just the quality of the questions and solutions, but the analysis that MATRIX test platform offers are unparalleled. Watch this video to understand how these analysis can help you improve your performance!

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