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Launch of Matrix e-learning Android Application at All India Level. 3 Easy Steps To Access Test Series:
  • Create Account: Register yourself and verify your account by your name and phone number.
  • Purchase Planner: Login and give free tests and previous year tests according to your prefered exam. To unlock remaining test packages, purchase them in Edushop.
  • Attempt Exam: Get available exams according to your purchased packages and attempt them as per their schedule.
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Lecture Classes Videos

Matrix provides excellent quality video lectures for the students to increase the level of understanding. These lectures are very important when students miss their classes due to unexpected issues. Our highly experienced teachers prepare video lectures exclusively for students and on the basis of topics in JEE & NEET syllabus. These video lectures let the students keep continue to their lectures without missing current lectures of particular topics or taking break from regular classes. This really helps in continuing particular topic lectures if in condition student misses initial lectures. Video lectures also help students in understanding complex and tough even when you don’t understand in classroom lectures.

Video solutions of sheets, DPPs and test papers

The development of video lectures of study materials also helps them in understanding the content once and then helps them also revising the topic. In addition to it, students can go through solutions to the questions in sheet if they can’t understand the sheet problems in-class discussion. Solutions are created by qualified and experienced faculties in the easiest manner so that students can understand without any assistance.

Some students don’t ask their doubts in class due to shyness, these video lectures help these students in understanding and solving their doubts. Thereby separate video labs are also provided to students so that they can study in a peaceful environment anytime.

Online testing and detailed in-depth analysis

Everyone knows the advantage of online test and with technology online test is preferred over the offline test. If students prepare for a particular topic they can give tests as per their choice and analyze their level of performance. Online tests and their results help teachers to know the weak and strong areas of students. With this, Matrix Faculties assist students to work on both strong and weak points to perform better. Students themselves can observe their performance by analyzing how much time they spend on particular questions or on which topic they can score good, etc. The major factor behind using online test series is that JEE Main, JEE Advanced and NEET both are conducted in Online Mode.

"By far the best use of technological tools in JEE & NEET coaching! You need to experience it to realize how amazing it is!"
Online testing and detailed in-depth analysis

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