Momentum: 2-Year Integrated Foundation Program for NEET for 10th to 11th Moving Students

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18-24 Months

Next Batches starting on 18, 28 Mar, 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 Apr 2024

Course Fee (For 2024-25 Session) INR 108000

Scholarships Available

This is one of the most comprehensive courses for NEET/AIIMS after class 10th. In this course, students will be thoroughly prepared for School/Board Exam, NEET, and AIIMS.

The course is taught assuming that students have a basic understanding of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology up to class 10th. However, if a particular student is lagging in basics, then remedial classes can be arranged to quickly cover any deficit in basic understanding.

The course is divided into two years (sessions).

Session-1: First Year (During Class 11th)
  • The 11th class syllabus will be taught to the students from both the competitive exam and the school's point of view.
  • The syllabus for class 11th is scheduled to be finished by mid-January.
  • After that, students would be free to attend revision classes as per individual requirements.
  • During this entire period, faculty members remain available for individual doubt removal and other academic support as per students' needs.
Session-2: Second Year (During Class 12th)
  • The syllabus for the 12th class (from both competitive exam and board points of view) will be completed by the end of September.
  • Complete revision of the class 11th syllabus and 12th board preparation by the end of December.
  • After this, we conduct revision classes, revision test series, major test series, and Problem-Solving counters for students until the final examination.
School Preparation
  • The syllabus of board exams (separately for CBSE & RBSE) will also be covered to ensure superior performance in board exams. We aim for students to secure a higher percentage in the 12th compared to the 10th.
  • Classes for additional subjects such as English, Hindi, and Physical Education are also conducted for school/Board examinations.
  • Rank Booster Question Bank for NEET/AIIMS - a huge collection of questions for the preparation of NEET/AIIMS based on previous online NEET/AIIMS exams.
  • Achiever's Question Bank - a pool of unique questions for the preparation of NEET/AIIMS.
  • Access to NEET/AIIMS Archive - a collection of previous years' questions for NEET/AIIMS.
  • English Proficiency Support – a high-quality set of English questions for other medical exams aspirants for last-minute prep.
  • Access Model Test Papers, Home Assignments, & Online Test Series for the preparation of NEET/AIIMS.
  • MATLAB Lab Facility – access to a library of video lectures from top MATRIX faculties for doubt clearance, missed-out lectures, and/or repeating lectures.
Access to MATRIX online testing platform

All Matrix classroom students also have access to award winning Online testing platform by MATRIX which helps students improve their exam performance by up to 50%!

Course Inclusion: Matrix Online Testing System

Advanced performance improvement analysis

Matrix offers patented award winning analysis once your test is completed. These analysis clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve your score by up to 50% in one year. Matrix test series offers 25+ different analysis at overall, subject and question level. Watch this for details

Feeling of real Exam

Matrix tests have a mix of questions of varying difficulty levels as per the actual exams. The papers help you solve an extensive variety of questions very similar to actual questions asked in recent exams, and hence are best suited to prepare you for the upcoming exams in the best possible way!

Prepared by the best in the market

Matrix test series is a result of cumulative hard work of more than 150+ highly experienced faculty members from top IITs, IIMs and other prestigious institutes who have been working tirelessly to ensure that the questions are error-free and match the latest exam patterns.

Benchmarking with the best

Matrix is one of the very few Test Series in the markets which are taken by students across the length and breadth of the country. Being a part of this, you get an opportunity to benchmark your preparation with the best talent and students of the country.

Course Inclusion: Matrix's award winning performance improvement system

Award winning analytics for performance improvement

Not just the quality of the questions and solutions, but the analysis that MATRIX test platform offers are unparalleled. Watch this video to understand how these analysis can help you improve your performance!

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