Chemistry Faculty

Following section provides a brief description of our senior faculty members:Back

Narendra Kok

9 years exp.

Narendra Kok (NK Sir) has over 8 years of teaching experience exclusively for JEE Main and Advanced. He started his teaching career right after graduation in Kota and later moved to Sikar to co-found Matrix JEE Academy.

Over the course of last 8 years, he has developed a deep expertise in chemistry from IIT-JEE point of view. Most students know him as a teacher who actively discourages rote learning and focuses on fundamental understanding of basic concepts. As a result, he is more popular among students who want to develop a solid understanding of subject rather than just aiming to pass the exams by rote learning/short-tricks. During last four years, NK Sir has stood as a pillar of Chemistry at Matrix and helped 100s of students to improve and hone their skills in Chemistry.

Narendra is responsible to ensure that Matrix students have best possible experience while learning chemistry for JEE.

Kapil Singh Dhaka

One of the best mentors than any institute has to offer to help students realize their potential. Kapil joins Matrix as a full time member to help our students in their journey for top ranks in JEE.

Below is a list of some of his key achievements

IIT JEE 2004 —AIR 19 (Gen. Cate.)

AIEEE 2004 —AIR 48 (Gen. Cate.)

CAT 2009 —99.96 (Overall)

IIM Ahmedabad —Rank - 1 in MBA Program

CFA charter holder, CFA institute, USA

Passionate mentor with extensive experience of helping students reach IITs with top ranks.

Tarun Dhabai

11 years exp.

Tarun Dhabai, more popularly known as TKD Sir in student community is a pillar in advanced inorganic chemistry for JEE Advanced. He has more than 10 years experience guiding students for JEE Main and JEE Advanced with primary focus on securing maximum marks in inorganic chemistry portion.

In terms of formal education, he has a Master’s degree in inorganic chemistry. He also qualified CSIR-UGC test and GATE (Graduate aptitude testing examination) in 2007 and secured an ALL INDIA RANK 1176 in Gen category in GATE in the same year. As a result, he was selected for Phd program in Chemistry at the renowned chemistry dept. at IIT Bombay.

Before shifting to Sikar, he taught at Vibrant Academy in Kota for 5+ years.

Kamal Gora

5 years  exp.

Kamal is a B.Tech from NIT Trichy - one of the most sought after NITs in the country. Drawing inspiration from other teachers in his family, he chose teaching as a career option quite early during his NIT days. Kamal was a faculty at ALLEN before joining Matrix where he taught for 3 years before joining Matrix. Students have a very strong liking for him due to easy and lucid way explaining complex physical chemistry problems.

Ravindra Poonia

4 years exp.

He started his career as a Research Analyst at IP Pro, Banglore. However, after realizing that teaching is what he would enjoy most, he soon changed to teaching as a profession. Known among students for his grit and unique style of teaching, Ravindra Poonia is a motivator and man behind many success stories. He has been teaching Chemistry for IIT-JEE for more than 3 years now.

He always keeps his lectures very lively and after attending even a single session any student may feel the difference of his teaching uniqueness. A very bright student during school and college, he has also received many awards for the research he conducted in Chemical Engineering during his 4 year stay at IIT Kharagpur.

Deepak Poonia

6 years exp.

After building a successful 6 year career in teaching, DP Sir has built an extensive teaching skill set that allows him deliver engaging lessons in a very articulate manner. His ability to communicate in a very lucid manner along with impressive results by the students under his guidance in JEE mains, JEE advance and IIT JAM chemistry has made him another popular figure in chemistry arena.

He tries to adopt specific teaching methodologies to ensure that all students fully comprehended the taught curriculum and also provides support to students who require support outside the classroom.

In terms of formal Education, he holds an M.Sc. in Chemistry from prestigious IIT Delhi.

Murli K Bairagi

6 years exp.

Murli Sir is a 5 star rated Chemistry faculty. In terms of formal education, he is a B.Tech from NIT Srinagar. Citing of unique achievements, he is also a Gold medalists in PPC from IIT Madras. Murli Sir has a keen interest in research and also published a research paper in a Canadian Research Publication named as ‘Growing Science’ during his undergraduate program itself. Including full time teaching experience at Matrix and part time teaching during undergraduate program, he has close to 6 years teaching experience till date. As a part of industrial training program he has also designed a Mechanism of STS (Side Trimming Shear) Machine for SAIL Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

Though Murli Sir has been teaching both organic and inorganic chemistry but his expertise is primarily organic chemistry. Murli Sir is extremely popular amongst students for his unique way of teaching organic chemistry.