Teaching methodology


At Matrix, we provide a three-layered preparatory schedule to our students to ensure that they excel in JEE advanced while doing equally good in JEE main and board examinations.

1. Comprehensive concept building framework

– Best qualified faculties deliver regular lectures as per schedule and course provided by the JEE committee. The provided lectures are full packed classroom modules that make students understand the fundamentals and enhance their problem-solving skills. All the topics covered under classroom teaching are appropriate as per the latest JEE syllabus and pattern. During classroom sessions, Daily sheets are provided for practicing problems which also includes discussions in the classroom.

Problem Sheets are discussed regularly in sheet discussion classes which also include discussion on question banks and special assignments. These classes help students in clarifying doubts and help them in understanding the concepts. This enables them for appropriate IIT JEE preparation for better results.

Special classes are conducted for revision so that students can complete the course if they left some of the topics during classroom lectures. Some students need these classes in order to understand complex topics more clearly. This highly benefits them in going through major topics of JEE.

Matrix also organizes special board preparation classes in addition to JEE to enable students to get better marks inboard. Subjects include inboard classes are Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Physical Education. Under these classes, all the topics are covered that aren’t part of JEE syllabus but are actually part of board.

Proper Practical Labs with well-equipped instruments are provided for learning in Physics and Chemistry.

2. Well-researched & comprehensive study material

Matrix provides Well-researched & comprehensive study material which is highly systematic and deep researched material. All the study material resources are created as per the syllabus of the JEE. As the content in the study material is highly accurate and prepared with deep research, therefore they are self-sufficient and students do not require any extra resources to study for JEE.

Study Materials are provided both in English and Hindi Medium to the students as per their medium for preparation. Resources that come under study material are problem sheets, special assignments & question banks, special vacation assignments, & periodic question papers. All these are developed topics wise so that it could be easy for students to study as per syllabus.

The most important advantage of using Matrix Study Material is that student faces the exact pattern as they see in the exam. This boosts their confidence and efficiency to get better results. In the problem sheet type of material, questions are designed on the basis of the analysis of previous year's exams as well as their level also varies from easy to tough. Everything is managed appropriately and systematically so that student’s precious time couldn’t be wasted in study topic irrelevant to JEE.

Regular progress is important and to ensure the progress, students must check their level of knowledge by solving practice sheets. With the help of problem sheets, they get to know about the multi-conceptual questions and solve them easily. With the help of scientifically designed Daily Practice Problems, student understands the topics in-depth that are taught in the classes and also to help them to increase their speed of solving question within specified time frame.

Exercise Sheets are developed chapter wise and created by taking care of the syllabus of the JEE. Questions involved in the booklet are of various kinds that vary in conceptual, tricky, multi-chapter and brainstorming. It also includes questions from the previous ten years IIT-JEE exams and also similar types of questions that are expected to come or of same concept. Questions are arranged as per the level of difficulty that can make students gradually improve their ability to solve more difficult.

With each sheet, there is a brief description of the key concepts. This helps students to go through an approach for a while before start of solving questions. Students get sheets as per their medium of enrollment in coaching i.e. both English and Hindi.

It contains best practice questions based on JEE Pattern and is distributed among easy to difficult levels.

3. Periodic review test series

In a time duration of every 2-3 weeks, Matrix conducts a test of 3 hours based on JEE Main Exam Pattern.

In a time duration of every 4-6 weeks, Matrix conducts two-phase of tests on same day which is of 3 hours based on JEE Advanced. The test will analyze performance on the basis of topics covered to the current date.

This test is conducted to analyze the performance of the students on the basis of the Board Exam pattern. The question will come from the syllabus of the board exam and is conducted once every 4 to 6 weeks.

After course completion, this test is performed to analyze the performance of students and later discussion sessions are also conducted. Tests are conducted as JEE Main, JEE Advanced and Board Pattern test and all the entire syllabus is divided among four modules so that proper revision can be conducted.

This test series for full syllabus analysis within fixed time duration and tests are conducted as JEE Main, JEE Advanced and Board Pattern test. This test serious will provide a proper practice of JEE Exam to the students before final exam.

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