Teaching methodology

At Matrix, we provide a three layered preparatory schedule to our students to ensure that they excel in JEE advanced while doing equally good in JEE main and board examinations.

1. Comprehensive concept building framework

  • Main lecture classes

– Regular lecture classes are delivered by our most senior faculty members to develop student’s fundamentals understanding, knowledge and problem solving skills as per latest pattern & level of JEE main & JEE advanced. Daily practice problem sheets are also discussed in main lecture classes on a regular basis.

  • Sheet discussion classes

Regular sheet discussion classes are conducted for discussion of exercise sheets, question banks & assignments to clarify the doubts to the grass root level to ensure complete preparation in all respect.

  • Revision classes -

Revision classes are conducted during and after completion of the course for important & relatively complex topics for the benefit of the students.

  • Board preparation classes

Board preparation classes for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Physical Education are conducted to enhance the performance in board exams along with JEE. The purpose of these classes is to cover those topics which aren't part of JEE syllabus otherwise

  • Science practical classes –

Practical in Physics and chemistry in well-equipped laboratories are also conducted.

2. Well-researched & comprehensive study material

Students at Matrix are provided with highly systematic & comprehensive study material for the course opted. Our study material is self-sufficient hence there is no major need to refer to other books. Study Material is available both in English and Hindi, and students are given study material as per the medium opted for coaching. At Matrix, study material consists of detailed problem sheets with key concepts for each chapter, daily practise problem sheets, special assignments & question banks for important topics, special vacation assignments, & periodic question papers.

The study material is designed to ensure that students become absolutely comfortable with the JEE pattern by the time they face the real examination. The problem sheets are designed in such a way that difficulty level of questions increases gradually thereby motivating students to tackle incrementally difficult problems in a systematic way. At the same, it has been our endeavour that students don't waste any time working on problems which are not relevant from JEE perspective.

  • Daily practice problems (DPP)

To ensure day by day progress, after every lecture class, students are given bunch of multi-conceptual questions in form of DPPs. These DPPs are scientifically designed to give in-depth understanding of concepts & application taught in the lecture class and to improve question solving speed through time bound practice.

  • Chapter wise EXERCISE sheets 

Sheet is chapter wise multi exercise booklet, designed as per the latest syllabus of JEE, containing different types of conceptual, tricky, multi-chapter and brain storming relevant questions including previous ten years IIT-JEE questions, covering all possible profiles of the questions which may be asked in forthcoming exams. The level of questions in sheet is scientifically arranged to enhance student performance &confidence to the highest level.

  • Theory notes & Key concepts

Each sheet also has brief theory notes & key concepts for quick review  to develop question solving approach. Sheets are provided separately in English and Hindi medium as per the medium opted by student

  •  Question banks

These question banks contain carefully selected questions for further practice for selected chapters.

3. Periodic review test series

  • JEE Main review test series

One test of 3hrs on JEE Main pattern in a time interval of 2 to 3 weeks

  • JEE advanced tests

Two tests of 3 hrs each on the same day are conducted in a time interval of 4 to 6 week which covers all the topics taught till date for better revision

  • Board pattern tests

As per board pattern in a time interval of 4 to 6 weeks to ensure the best performance in Board examination.

  • Revision tests

After completion of the course, Revision Tests followed by discussion are being conducted on JEE-Main, JEE Advanced and Board Pattern by dividing the entire syllabus into 4 modules for systematic revision.

  • Fully syllabus major review test series

Full Syllabus Tests followed by discussion are conducted on JEE-Main, JEE-Advanced and Board pattern to give finishing touch to preparation before final exam.

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