Physics Faculty

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Anupam Agarwal

9 years exp.

Anupam Agarwal is a B.Tech from IIT Kanpur. Anupam qualified IIT-JEE 2006 & joined IIT Kanpur for a four program in Mechanical engineering. Before joining Matrix as a physics faculty in 2014, he taught extensively at Allen Kota for IIT JEE.

Anupam graduated from IIT Kanpur in 2010 and till date has a cumulative work experience of more than 8 years. Anupam has taught Physics for JEE Main and Advanced for last 4 years at Sikar and has been widely regarded by students as an excellent teacher with a very strong focus on concept building approach for excellence in JEE Physics.

Mahesh Dhayal

8 years  exp.

"If I had to name one person who has left maximum impact on my student life during last 2 years, I would name Mahesh Sir". This is what Shashank had to say in India TV interview soon after JEE-Advanced 2016 results where he secured in All India Rank Under 100.

Mahesh has a very unique profile for an IIT-JEE Physics teacher. Mahesh is a B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur. Post his graduation from IIT Kharagpur, Mahesh cracked CAT with 99.99%tile and secured admission at Indian Institute of management, Calcutta (IIM Calcutta). Post his MBA from IIM Calcutta, he briefly worked with an investment bank before joining Vidyamandir classes in Delhi as a part of Physics faculty team. Over last 5 years, he has helped hundreds of students secure under 500 All India Rank in JEE-Advanced at Vidyamandir Classes, Delhi and Resonance, Kota.

Mahesh hopes that he would be able to replicate astounding success stories from Delhi and Kota in Sikar as well.

Siddharth Gora

6 years  exp.

Popularly known as SID Sir among the student community, Siddarth was one of the most popular Physics faculties at ALLEN before joining Matrix.

He cracked IIT-JEE in his first attempt and joined IIT Gandhinagar just after clearing his 12th exams in 1st attempt.

He always had a liking for Physics, and chose Physics as the subject of interest for the same reason. Over last 5 years, he has taught thousands of students and many of them have cleared JEE with under-100 ranks - an unique achievement in itself.

Now that Siddharth is with Matrix, we hope that his subject expertise would be greatly useful for our students.

Kuldeep Khichar

8 years exp.

Kuldeep is a B.Tech from PEC (to be IIT Chandigarh). Right out of college, he joined Jindal Steel, one of the largest steel companies in India as a process engineer. He worked with Jindal Steel in Karnataka for ~3 years and received many award for outstanding contribution to quality improvement group. But soon over, he quit the corporate role for his interest in teaching. He joined Matrix in the very first year in 2014 and has been a key member of the core group of faculties now.

Kuldeep has a cumulative teaching experience of more than 5 years and well known among students for his lucid teaching approach and well structured notes.

Deepak Nagar

3 years exp.

Deepak Nagar Sir, known as DN sir among the student community is yet another gem in the field of Physics at MATRIX.

Deepak Sir is a B.Tech from IIT BHU and started his career in teaching right after his graduation. Over last 3 years, Deepak Sir has helped numerous students clear their concepts in Physics. Though a master of entire physics, he is particularly keen on Mechanics part. Apart from in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject, Deepak Sir is particularly liked by student community for his undying passion towards the subject which makes his lectures very lively.

Deepak Sir has already become an integral member of our team and we hope that his association would increasing support more and more students at MATRIX.

Ram Singh

A graduate from IIT Kharagpur, Ram Sir is yet another member of outstanding Physics team at MATRIX. Thanks to his interest in Physics as a subject, he has done many advanced courses as a part of graduate coursework at IIT Kharagpur.

Apart from JEE training, Ram Sir has also worked extensively for helping students prepare for various kind of national and international Olympiads over last few years. We at MATRIX hope that his skills, enthusiasm and fresh energy would be a vital additional to our physics team in years to come.

Rohit Goyal

Another outstanding member of Physics team at MATRIX, Rohit Sir has long experience of teaching Physics to both Olympiad and JEE aspirants. B.Tech by education, Rohit Sir has been regarded in high esteem by students for his sharp explanatory and analytical skills.

Pawan Kumawat

Pawan Sir is another member of outstanding Physics faculty team at Matrix. An IIT Kanpur graduate, Pawan Sir joined MATRIX team as a part of faculty development program and has honed his skills in Physics to a very advanced level over last few years.

We at MATRIX hope that his skills, enthusiasm and fresh energy would be a vital addition to our physics team in years to come.